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Center for Study Abroad (CSA)

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Global Volunteers strives to wage peace throughout the world by helping establish mutual understanding between people of diverse cultures. Each year Global Volunteers coordinates more than 150 teams of volunteers who participate on short-term human and economic development projects worldwide in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific.

Contact Info:
Global Volunteers.
375 E. Little Canada Rd.
St. Paul. MN, 55117.USA
Work Phone: 800-487-1074/651-407-6100
FAX: 651-407-5163




Travel from North to South Vietnam, soaking up historic sites, temples, and markets, eating in vibrant restaurants, and strolling through bustling streets.

We’ll start in Hanoi, and then explore the mystical Halong Bay with its rocky crags and towers. We’ll ride a train down to the intellectual town of Hue, and then spend five days in the historical town of Hoi An volunteering before flying down to Saigon


Day 1: Arrive in Hanoi, stroll through city Day 2: Hanoi - Explore Old Quarter, Museum of Ethnology and street food Day 3: Halong Bay - kayak to beaches, Vietnamese language class Day 4: Halong Bay – boat ride through rock formations, overnight train to Hue Day 5: Hue – Bike tour of city, Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda Day 6: Hoi An – Travel by bus to Hoi An along the coast Day 7: Hoi An – Homemade silk production, seaside lunch, explore rice paddies Day 8: Hoi An – Community service, visit ecological farm Day 9: Hoi An – Community service, Vietnamese cooking class Day 10: Hoi An – Community service, afternoon at orphanage Day 11: Hoi An – Community service, tour the Cham archaeological ruins Day 12: Hoi An – Community service, visit local non-profit organization Day 13: Saigon – Fly to Ho Chi Min City, also known as Saigon, historical downtown Day 14: Saigon – Last minute shopping, return flight home


Where we go
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Santa Ana, Costa Rica
  • Monteverde, Costa Rica
  • Tema, Ghana
  • Pune, India
  • Dharamsala, India
  • Tecpan, Guatemala
  • Moshi, Tanzania
  • Simanjiro, Tanzania
  • Hoi An, Vientmam


CONTACT: Global Leadership Adventures. Telephone In USA: 1 (888) 358-4321 Outside USA: +1 (619) 677-3211 


Global LAB (Global Learning Across Borders) 
Information: we consider ourselves a
cultural immersion semester program with opportunities for service
learning, language learning (Arabic, French, Hindi, Tibetan, Chinese
and Japanese as of Spring 08), as well as learning about cultural,
political and environmental issues. We do have volunteer opportunities and
internships.Effective Spring 08 we will offer China/Tibet and Japan semesters.
China-Tibet, India, Morocco and Southeast Asia. College credit is available 
through www.westudyabroad.com and Professor Steve
Michelle Bos-Lun
Director of Admissions
Global LAB, michelle@global-lab.org 
web - http://global-lab.org   tel: 800-984-4522
Global Learning Across Borders, a non-profit 501(c)(3) based in New York, exists to educate and inspire
new generations of young people to become responsible and committed global citizens in their local
communities and beyond. We do this through international cultural immersion and community service
programs for young adults; global studies professional development programs for educators; and by
partnering with schools to help design and launch experiential global education and service programs.
Global Learning Across Borders  www.global-lab.org  1.800.984.4522  info@global-lab.org
Semester Programs in Asia and North Africa
Global Learning Across Borders (Global LAB) offers four semester programs for high school, gap year,
home school, and college students featuring experiential learning and cultural immersion. Each includes
home-stays, service-learning, language & cultural study, regional travel, and independent study projects.
From Brahma to Buddha—Cultures of the Indian Himalayas and the Ganges River
 Explore religious diversity in North India. Participate in a Buddhist retreat and trek in the
Himalayas. Visit Ladakh, the Tibetan community in Dharamsala, and travel to holy Sikh,
Buddhist, and Hindu cities, and to the desert of Rajasthan. Visit the site where the Buddha was
enlightened and float down the Ganges River observing rituals on the banks in Varanasi.
Culture Through Community: A Semester in Southeast Asia
 Begin in Bali, Indonesia, a tradition-rich Hindu island enclave in the world’s largest archipelago.
Immerse yourself in community in the coastal village of Baraban with home-stays, rice paddy
cultivation and fishing. Continue to Bangkok, Thailand, visit the Reclining Buddha, explore
Chiang Mai, and encounter the Karen tribe in the mountains near Pai. Conclude in Cambodia,
witness The Killing Fields of Phnom Penh then behold the wonder of the Temples of Angkor.
Morocco: A Mosaic of Cultures, A Crossroads of Continents
 Experience one of the most colorful countries in North Africa—and one of the most hospitable
cultures on the globe. Witness the fascinating convergence and co-existence of Arab, Islamic,
African, and European influences. Explore life in an indigenous Berber village in The High Atlas
Mountains; stay with families in the medieval and sensory-affirming cities of Fes and Marrakesh;
study Arabic or French; caravan with camels into the Sahara; and conclude in Andalusia, Spain.
China/Tibet: Where Modernity Meets Tradition
 Begin in the modern yet historical region of Guangzhou. Travel by train across the South, then
experience home and monastery stays and service projects on the Tibetan Plateau in Amdo.
Learn through experience about indigenous people of Yunnan, spend a month in Sichuan (near
Tibet, including a trek), and another month in Zhanjiang province in coastal China, including a
visit to beautiful Hainan island. Study and practice Mandarin Chinese and some Tibetan as well.