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Center for Study Abroad (CSA)

325 Washington Ave. S. #93
Kent, WA 98032 USA
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Oxford International Study Centre (Oxford, England)

The principal is Carolyn Llewelyn.  Carolyn has over twenty years experience of international education, and studied at Oxford University.  The new school  will use Merton college for their summer programs.. The year round classrooms and administrative offices are in the Oxford Business and Media School, Rose Place , Oxford OX1 1SB. This is opposite Christ Church College in the centre of Oxford. Students have use of the college cafeteria with use of internet and email. 

OISC welcomes students of all ages, and also company staff. Programs.  include:

English Language and specialized English programs.
Preparatory courses for students wishing to enter a British Boarding School or University,
Tailor-made programs. for organizations and company staff,
Courses for visiting groups of university and school students
Study Abroad programs. (summer or semester)


E- mail: info@oxintstudycentre.com
Web: www.oxintstudycentre.com
 7 St Aldates, Oxford OX1 1BS
 fax = 44 1865 201006 

tel (44) 1865 201009


Academic Programs International (API) allows you to earn COLLEGE CREDIT on comprehensive STUDY ABROAD programs in COSTA RICA, FRANCE, HUNGARY, IRELAND, ITALY, MEXICO, POLAND, SPAIN AND THE UNITED KINGDOM.

Choose from courses in Liberal and Studio Arts and Humanities, Business, Language, History, Science, and more!  Study terms include semester, quarter, summer, year, intensive two-week, and month-long programs. Program fees include tuition, housing, insurance, excursions, cultural events, and more! Please contact API office for details.

For more information, contact us at 1-800-844-4124
Email: api@academicintl.com
Please use this application form http://www.academicintl.com/apply_wsa.html
Please mention WeStudyAbroad.Com as your referral Agency on your application form or email or tel.call to API

Cambridge Seminars
4 Hawthorn Way
Cambridge CB4 1AX
United Kingdom
Tel. 44 (0) 1223 313464
Fax. 44 (0) 1223 355352

We have an excellent academic record because our teaching staff are experienced and dedicated to providing private tuition to the highest standard.
Our small class sizes (rarely more than 10 students and often only one or two), mean that students all receive individual attention and classes can be tailored to suit the needs of everyone.We are results orientated. Our students achieve places at the UK’s best universities.Located a short distance from the heart of Cambridge city centre and close to the world famous Cambridge University, we are in an ideal setting for academicstudy and student life.

A Levels
The standard route into university for UK and European Union students. A-level programmes are also available for international students from outside the UK. A-levels are normally studied over two years (A/S level in the first year and A2 in the second year) but in special cases the A-level course can be accelerated and completed in just one year. The A-level route is essential for non-EU internationalstudents who wish to study Medicine and Dentistry.

University Foundation Courses
The University Foundation Programme is the recognised entry into university for international students from outside the European Union. Most Foundation courses run for one academic year or equivalent (September to Juneor January to August). In special cases, however, students may be admitted to an accelerated intensive Foundationcourse (January to June or April to August). Note that students applying for Medicine or Dentistry within the British Isles and students applying for placesat the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge must follow A-level programmes rather than Foundation courses. As well as that such students must be able to show evidence of very strong academic achievement throughout theirschool careers. The main feature of Foundation programmes is that they prepare the student for a specific degree course at a UK university. Each part of the Foundation programme is designed to make the student more effective and confident as an undergraduate.

At Cambridge Seminars we recognise that good accommodation is an essential element in a successful academic programme. We like to ensure that all our students have their own rooms with appropriate facilities and storage space. We help students locate accommodation within walking distance of the College and we are not far from the historic Cambridge city centre and Grafton shopping centre.
While many students will prefer to find their own accommodation, we have well-established links with good local host families who provide term time accommodation on a bed, breakfast and evening meal basis. Some families look after just one or two students while others are happy to provide accommodation for several students.Each student has their own individual room with study facilities. Host family accommodation is particularly suitable for students who appreciate a family atmosphere.
As a private tuition college, our aim is to provide an effective transition from School to University through our ‘Fast Track’ One Year Pre-University Foundation or A-Level programmes. This has the dual benefit of the student reaching University in one year (rather than the traditional two-year A-level programme) and a considerable financial saving for the sponsor.

Apart from important and essential academic study, we feel that our students should spend their time with us preparing in all ways for their future university life. Leaving home for the first time is always difficult and this is particularly true if “home” is thousands of miles away and they are in a strange country with a different culture. .Recognising this, we aim to settle our students into their new environment as quickly as possible - help them to adjust to their new surroundings and prepare them for their time at university

To earn college credits please contact Professor Steve Tash @email travelstudy@yahoo.com

Eurolingua Institute ( England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Hastings, Liverpool, London

Numerous language immersion programs throughout the World.


Learn Language Schools

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The best language schools for people interested in learn a foreign language abroad. Learn English in Malta, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada or England, French in France or Switzerland, German in Austria, Italian in Italy, Russian in Russia, Japanese in Japan, Chinese in China and Portuguese in Portugal.

   Site Url: www.abroadlanguages.com

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CERAN LINGUA has been offering intensive residential language courses for more than 25 years. A week's course at CERAN provides you with 66 hours of exposure to the target language (in constant company of CERAN teachers and staff). We personalizeeach group (4 students maximum) and/or private programme according to your needs, your level and your objectives.

Watery Lane, Sherbourne Warwick CV35 8AL Warwick CV35 8AL ENGLAND
TEL: +44-(0)-1926.624.016
FAX: +44-(0)-1926.624.390


Oxford Network Services
Tel: 44 1865 553144 Fax: 44 1865 202241

We are a group of educators, business and professional people, all of whom have lived and worked in Oxford for many years. Most of us studied at the University here.
We offer a range of services, related to education, travel and accommodation. We specialize only in Oxford, the city we know best. Our services are for individuals, families and corporate clients. We also welcome cooperation with global institutional partners for joint ventures.
Services include:
• Consultancy to international partners on establishing overseas educational centres, with course management and validation from an accredited partner school in Oxford.
• Placement of overseas qualified medical and dental staff in UK hospitals and clinics.
• Personal Consultancy on admission to the University of Oxford and other schools and colleges in the City.
• Recruitment of teachers from Oxford for positions overseas.
• Bespoke programmes and travel arrangements in Oxford for international companies and travel organisations. We are able to arrange for local organisers to coordinate visiting groups.
• Locating of suitable property in Oxford for residential or business purposes.
• Distance Learning programmes in a range of subjects, including Business English, Business Administration and English Language. The programmes are taught by Oxford tutors, and can lead to Certificates and Diplomas which are internationally recognised, as well as the certificates of an accredited partner school in Oxford.

Contact: oxford network services
53 blenheim drive oxford ox 2 8 dl