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Volunteer Programs in Tanzania


Global Volunteers strives to wage peace throughout the world by helping establish mutual understanding between people of diverse cultures. Each year Global Volunteers coordinates more than 150 teams of volunteers who participate on short-term human and economic development projects worldwide in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific.

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Micatz - Volunteering in Tanzania

Micatz - organizes language- culture- and volunteer work stays inTanzania in collaboration with local NGOs. Volunteering is a great way to discover a country, its culture and people while doing a meaningful job. You must be at least 18 years old, independent, outgoing and have a sincere desire to do volunteer work. Participants come from many different countries.

Shortly after achieving independence from Britain in the early 1960s, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form the nation of Tanzania in 1964. Tanzania is bordered by Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia. Tanzania’s surface is 886,037 sq km, including the islands of Mafia, Pemba and Zanzibar.

The programme
Programmes start every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, with arrival Sunday prior to the program start at KIA (Kilimanjaro International Airport) or Dar es Salaam airport.  Upon arrival you will be picked up at the airport and driven to the volunteer house or coordinator’s place. During 1-3 days, depending on the length of your voluntary work, you will get a general briefing. http://www.workingabroad.com/uploads/gallery/micatzmasai.jpgThese first days will offer you glimpses into the Swahili language, as well as Tanzania's various cultures, religions, and local ways of life.

Volunteer work options   

  • Orphanages
  • Legal Aid project
  • HIV/AIDS Project 
  • Medical/Healthcare Internship
  • Teaching English /Womens Project
  • Pamoja Project
  • English Boarding School

Food and accommodation during volunteering
Accommodation is with host families or in volunteer houses where volunteers share a room and sanitary facilities with other volunteers. There is local food 3 times a day. Tanzanian food includes meat, chicken, seafood and vegetarian dishes. Showers do no not always have hot water.

Program costs
Ranges from 400 USD for 2 weeks, up to 900 USD for 12 weeks, and includes Airport pick-up (not for boarding school), Room and board during entire stay,  Manual, Assistance from a local coordinator and Introduction days (Except at the boarding school).

Programme Brochure
To download the Micatz programme brochure and to read about the volunteer work options in detail, please click here: http://www.micatz.org/wp-content/uploads/brochure.pdf 

Contact information:

Dar es Salaam
Mobile Phone : +4536987167
Tanzania Land line phone; +25527254 6233
Email:  info@micatz.org
Website:  www.micatz.org