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High School, Internships and other Programs in Morocco


 AmeriSpan Unlimited (Fez)

DESCRIPTION: Learn Arabic in the historic city of Fez, known as Morocco's "Intellectual Capital".

Contact: Amerispan, P.O. Box 58129 Philadelphia, PA 19102
Ph#s USA & Canada: 800-879-6640
Worldwide: 215-751-1100
Fax# 215-751-1986
Email: info@amerispan.comLINK: www.amerispan.com


Cross-Cultural Solutions

2 Clinton Place | New Rochelle, New York 10801 | USA
Tel: 1-800-380-4777 | 1-914-632-0022
Fax: 1-914-632-8494


Global LAB (Global Learning Across Borders) 
Information: we consider ourselves a
cultural immersion semester program with opportunities for service
learning, language learning (Arabic, French, Hindi, Tibetan, Chinese
and Japanese as of Spring 08), as well as learning about cultural,
political and environmental issues. We do have volunteer opportunities and
internships.Effective Spring 08 we will offer China/Tibet and Japan semesters.
China-Tibet, India, Morocco and Southeast Asia. College credit is available 
through www.westudyabroad.com and Professor Steve
Michelle Bos-Lun
Director of Admissions
Global LAB, michelle@global-lab.org 
web - http://global-lab.org   tel: 800-984-4522