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Volunteer Programs In Kenya


Global Service Corps

Global Service Corps is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for adults to do volunteer service work in Costa Rica, Kenya, and Thailand on internship, short-term (2 1/2-4 weeks), or long-term (2-6 month) programs. Participants live with a host family and work on environment, health, or education projects.

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Crooked Trails










Imagine a journey, a real life journey- where you will experience a true cultural exchange. Our programs are 2-3 weeks long; include homestays, responsible touring and many have service projects. Sign up today and see how a Crooked Trails program can change you and the world for the better.

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Where: Kenya The focus of our Kenya program is a homestay in the Maasai village of Merrueshi, where we will work on a community school project in support of the Maasai culture.  During our stay in Merrueshi you will share in the daily lives of the Maasai and will live and eat in the local way. In the mornings, we will go on nature walks with Maasai warriors.  The village is located very close to Amboseli National Park, and it is common to see zebras, giraffes, and other wildlife.   Other activities include meetings with community members, Maasai language lessons, fireside chats, and storytelling.  This program offers a truly unique and authentic experience.  Merrueshi is not on the tourist route, and our visit is made possible only by a very special invitation from Maasai warrior Kakuta Ole Maimai and his elders.  Their hospitality and generosity will humble and inspire you.

When  August and December



          Learn about responsible tourism ethics.

          Living and learning from local villagers. 

          Going on safari to Amboseli and Tsavo West.

          Help build and or restore school buildings

          Village stay


Setting Straddling the equator, Kenya extends from the Indian Ocean to the plateaus and plains of the Great Rift Valley.  The coastal region is hot and humid, with beautiful sandy beaches, lagoons, and swamps, and patches of rainforest lining the shore.  Vast, dry plains cover much of the country, with generally poor soils supporting only scattered plant life.  Most of Kenya's population lives in rural areas in the central highlands and on the fertile plateau near Lake Victoria, farming and raising livestock for a living.  Kenya boasts a spectacular variety of wild animals, including elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinoceroses, and zebras, that attract thousands of tourists every year.


Value Program Cost Includes:
- -Homestay and work project fees
- All program transport in Kenya
- All program accommodation
- All but one meal
- All excursions and activities described in the itinerary, including safari.
- Crooked Trails facilitator, translators and local guides as well as project fees.
- Assistance with flights to and from Nairobi Kenya.