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Center for Study Abroad (CSA)

325 Washington Ave. S. #93
Kent, WA 98032 USA
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Academic Programs International (API) allows you to earn COLLEGE CREDIT on comprehensive STUDY ABROAD programs in COSTA RICA, FRANCE, HUNGARY, IRELAND, ITALY, MEXICO, POLAND, SPAIN AND THE UNITED KINGDOM.

Choose from courses in Liberal and Studio Arts and Humanities, Business, Language, History, Science, and more!  Study terms include semester, quarter, summer, year, intensive two-week, and month-long programs. Program fees include tuition, housing, insurance, excursions, cultural events, and more! Please contact API office for details.

For more information, contact us at 1-800-844-4124
Email: api@academicintl.com
Please use this application form http://www.academicintl.com/apply_wsa.html
Please mention WeStudyAbroad.Com as your referral Agency on your application form or email or tel.call to API


Bel Camino's Semester in Siena

 Bel Camino is a cultural immersion program with an emphasis on mindfulness.  Geared towards Gap Year and College students (ages 18-22), the Semester in Siena is a 12-week immersion in the language, culture and landscape of Italy.  Students will be learning Italian as the foundation for the immersion and are asked to choose at least one other creative interest to pursue during the semester.  Opportunities abound in Siena, and students can choose from the visual arts - photography, painting, drawing, book-binding, stained glass, clay-sculpting; music - both voice and instrumental, cooking, and various forms of dance.  

Carla Fabian
Founder/Director Bel Camino
Phone:  305-877-4937
Voice-mail/Fax:  305-513-5100
Skype:  belcamino.org
Website:  www.belcamino.org

Centro Giacomo Puccini (Viareggio, Tuscany)

Learn Italian in Tuscany, at the seaside, while learning the Italian culture.Centro Giacomo Puccini is a member of ASILS (Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language) and of ELITE (Excellent Language Institutions Teachin in Europe): members of ELITE are English schools of ARELS, German schools of IQ, SOUFFLE French schools of France, Spanish schools of AEEA and Italian schools of ASILS). We are recognised by the Italian Ministry of education. US Credits earned at the Centro Giacomo Puccini are widely accepted by most U.S. Colleges and Universities.

Contact: Centro Culturale Giacomo Puccini
Via A. Vespucci 173
55049 Viareggio Lu
Tel. + 39 0584 43 02 53
Fax + 39 0584 96 12 75
Email: info@centropuccini.it
Web: http://www.centropuccini.it


Learn Italian where it is spoken. Innovative course programs. Two to three qualified teachers per class. Wide range of accomodations.  Learn Italian in addition to Art History, Drawing and Painting, Cooking Opera, Furniture Restoration and Wine Tasting,Cucina Italiana,Catering, Fashion Design and Drawing/Painting.

U.S. Agent=Professor Steve Tash
He will provide application and handle registration and your EURO100 non-refundable enrollment fee.
Contact Steve Tash via. Email travelstudy@yahoo.com or mobile (949)683-7151 9am-8pm PST

Contact School direct for more details and application form.
Piazza S. Spirito 9-50125 Firenze
tel: = 39 055213030
Fax: + 39 055216497
web: www.ecfi.it      
email: info@ecfi.it

Eurolingua Institute (Florence, Livorno, Lucca, Milano, Genova, Pisa, Rome)

Italian Immersion language programs throughout Italy. Numerous language immersion programs around the World.

LinguaNova Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana(Livorno)

Mini-groups max.6/8 students.Low costs. Qualified teachers. Intensive, one to one, diction for opera singers, cooking courses. Homestay and single rooms near the school. Guided excursions in Tuscany, afternoons on the beach, nights in pubs, bars or disco, parties and meetings with local people in Livorno, nice, safe, not expensive and not touristic town by the sea. Italian Language Courses by British Institutes of Livorno

Contact: Via Borra 35 - 57123 Livorno (Toscana/Italia)
tel +39 586 883453 fax +39 586 883453
http://www.linguanova.com - mailto:posta@linguanova.com

Centre of Italian Courses OnM (Otranto,Italy)

Learn Italian language by the sea in Otranto, City of Art. Otranto, "The Gateway To The East" and prestigious "City of Art", is a tourist town in South Italy, in the Province of Lecce, situated on the easternmost point of the Salento Peninsula. At a distance of 50 km is situated the City of Lecce known as the " Florence of the south'". The Italian Language School "Otranto nel Mondo" is able to provide Italian language courses at six levels; each course participant's level of knowledge of the Italian language is assessed by means of initial tests. By arrangement with the Perugia Universtity for Foreign Students, the school is an examination centre for the Certificates in Italian Language (CELI) and Business Italian (CIC).

Contact: Anna Andrianello
Address: via Punta nr.5
Tel. +390836802003
Fax. +390836802890
Email: info@otrantonelmondo.com
Web: http://www.otrantonelmondo.com