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-Low cost academic programs worldwide
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Center for Study Abroad (CSA)

325 Washington Ave. S. #93
Kent, WA 98032 USA
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Youth International (Experience the World!)

The world becomes your classroom and experience your greatest teacher!

 Youth International is an experiential learning program focussing upon international travel and inter-cultural exchange, volunteer community service, home stays, and outdoor adventure.

 Travel for three months with a team of up to 14 people between the ages of 18 and 25, and two leaders.

 Each group explores three different countries in; Asia (Thailand, India, and Nepal), or South America (Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador including the Galapagos Islands), Both trips run twice each year from September to December and February to May.

 Help build an orphanage in Bolivia, live with a tribal family in Thailand, meditate with Tibetan monks, do conservation work in the Ecuadorian rainforest, visit the Taj Mahal, assist the poor in Mother Teresa’s clinics in India, search for wild animals while sailing through the Galapagos Islands, hike along ancient footpaths in the Himalayan Mountains, or along the Inca trail through the Peruvian Andes to Machu Picchu, and much more.

These are just a few highlights on trips that hold new adventures and new life lessons around every corner!

Youth International is based in Evergreen, Colorado, USA, and has been in operation since1997.

For info., program itineraries, and applications, visit: www.youthinternational.org  Phone: 1-720-270-3323.



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Where: Ecuador This program features homestays with two different indigenous communities, the Otavalo people of the highlands and the Huaorani of the Ecuadorian Amazon.  The Otavalo people are known for their handicrafts, music, and the most famous market in Ecuador.  We will stay with families and participate in their daily lives as we learn about weaving, visit the markets, and explore the surrounding countryside.  During our stay with the Huaorani people of the rainforest, we will assist with day-to-day activities of life.  Our hosts will teach us about the different uses of jungle plants and how to use spears and blowguns, as the Huaorani do to get their food.  We will also learn about the struggles of the Huaorani against the oil companies who threaten their land and survival.  Together with our Huaorani guides, we will explore the tropical rainforest by foot and the rivers by dugout canoe.  The Huaorani will introduce you to a whole new world.  You will be amazed at how deep and alive the rainforest is.

When  November



·          Learn about responsible tourism ethics.

·          Living and learning from local villagers. 

·          Visiting historical and sacred sites.

·          Homestays with local villagers.

·          Jungle explorations

·          Visits to the cloud forests.


Setting Ecuador is among the most rewarding destinations in South America.  Though small in size, it boasts an astonishing array of vibrant indigenous cultures, well-preserved colonial architecture, volcanic landscapes, and dense rainforest.  Named for the equator, which runs through the northern part of the country, Ecuador is a country of short distances and big contrasts.  In a single day you can go from the lush Amazon jungle over the majestic mountain ranges of the Andes to the tropical beaches of the coast.  On this program you will explore both the natural and the ethnic diversity of this remarkable country. 


Value Program Cost Includes:
- Domestic flights within Ecuador

-Village stays
- All program transport in Ecuador
- All program accommodation
- Most meals
- All excursions and activities described in the itinerary.
- Crooked Trails facilitator, translators and local guides as well as project fees.
- Assistance with flights to and from








Eurolingua Institute (Quito)

Worldwide language immersion programs are available.

Spanish Language Institute "San Francisco"(Quito)

- One - on - one lessons or small group courses
- we have one of the best Spanish programs in Ecuador
- Teachers have a reputation for teaching excellence and for caring to individual students needs
- Official Diplomas
- Language Training Related to Particular Profession
- Weekend Excursions
- Travel Information for Ecuador and South America
- Practical Training and Volunteer Work
- Home stay program has been designed with great care and attention to student needs
- Tuition fees are very reasonable

Contact: Lourdes Castro c/ Spanish Language Institute San Francisco Av. Amazonas N22-62 y Ramírez Dávalos Edificio Vásconez, Oficina # 201 Quito Pichincha Ecuador
TEL: (593 2) 521-306 FAX: (593 2) 226-808

SpanishintheWorld.Com( Quito)

Quality in our teaching inside and outside the school, updated methodology, effective and pragmatic pedagogy are the basis of our courses. Perfection and enthusiasm are also part of SPANISH IN THE SPANISH WORLD philosophy when it comes to carrying out our programs.

Contact: Spanish in the Spanish world S.L - E-mail: info@spanishintheworld.com
26 Alberto Aguilera - 28015 - Madrid,Spain - Phone: (+34) 91 594 37 76 Fax: (+34) 91 594 51 59
or contact travelstudy@yahoo.com or web: http://westudyabroad.com

Academia Atlantika (Quito)

Based in Quito, the capital of Ecuador and one of the loveliest cities in South America. We have 15 years of Spanish Teaching experience with both group and individual instruction. We have host families and hotel accomodations. Offer leisure and cultural programs.

Contact: Academia Atlantika c/o Alberto Guerrero 176 y Federico Paez (Batan Alto) Quito Ecuador Tel & Fax : +++ 593 2 44 66 97

Academia de Espanol (Quito)

Our Activa Spanish Program is for those who do not wish to stay seven hours in the classroom, we have daily excursions with the company of the teachers acting as guides.

Individual lesson of grammar, linguistics and vocabulary are given in the mornings, from 08h30 to 12h30. In the afternoons, during the visits, students practice, in different environments, what they have learned. It includes the necessary public transportation, entrance fee to museums, exhibitions, etc. and a snack. Enjoy a combination of classroom instruction and various cultural and social activities.

Contact: Edgar J. Alvarez Director C/Academia de Espanol Quito 130 Marchena St. and 10 de Agosto Ave. Mailing: P.O. Box 17-15-0039-C Quito Pichincha Ecuador Tel: (593 2) 554811FAX: (593 2) 506474

Academia Latinoamericana de Espanol(Quito)

Schools in Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia. Proud to be the friendliest Spanish School you have ever known. Family owned and operated. The program offers language study at nine levels, for complete beginners to advanced. Experienced native teachers, carefully selected host families within walking distance of school. Volunteer and Internship program available.

Contact: Dr. Diego del Corral, Educational Program Director c/o Academia Latinoamericana de Espanol. Calle Jose Queri #2 y Granados, Cusco, Perú
Telephone: + (593 2)2452824 Fax: +(593 2) 2433820

American Spanish School (Quito)

Learn Spanish in Ecuador: Quito, Baños, Cuenca and Mindo Natural Reserve.

Contact: AMERICAN SPANISH SCHOOL 9 de Octubre #564 y Carrion
P.O.Box: 17-03-1588, Quito-Ecuador Tel. 593 2 229166, Fax: 593 2 229165

Don Quijote (Quito)

Located in a beautiful valley and surrounded by snow-capped peaks of the Andes, Quito is surprisingly friendlier and safer feeling than other large Latin American cities. Furthermore, the city has kept its colonial charm in spite of growing to the size of 1.4 million. Situated at 9,000 feet above sea level, the temperature averages 60-70º F during the day and 40-50º F during the night. With good facilities and a staff that is both friendly and professional, our Quito program offers a good value to language students of all ages.

Contact: don Quijote Central Promotions Office Calle Placentinos, 2 Apartado de Correos, 333 37080 SALAMANCA (Spain) Tel: +34 923 26 88 60 Fax: +34 923 26

ENFOREX Spanish Language School (Quito)

ENFOREX, is a leader in Spanish as a Foreign Language Tuition. ENFOREX has 7 locations: 3 of which are open all year round and located in Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella ( Málaga - Costa del Sol ), it also has 2 affiliated schools in Salamanca and Quito ( Ecuador). As well as this we have 2 Summer Residential programs for children ( 6 to 18 ) in Madrid and Marbella. Our main schools are attended by a great variety of students, from children and young students from 6 to 18 years old), teenagers +16 all year round, university students, executive, professionals and senior people ( +50 ) Small group of classes with an average of 5 students maximum 8 ). Special one to one for executives.

Contact: Antonio Anadon, director C/ ENFOREX Spanish Language School
Alberto aguilera 26 Madrid 28015 Spain Tel: +34 91 594 3776 FAX: +34 91 5945159

Instituto de Español Indoamerica (Quito)

We offer you a well-balanced blend of programs, facilities, faculty and activities. One to one lessons with qualified and experienced teachers. Low tuition rates. Host family program

Contact: Hector Inca Director C/Instituto de Español Indoamerica Leonidas Plaza N24-287 Baquerizo Moreno Quito 1701-2446 Ecuador Tel: 593 2 226541 FAX: 593 2 223654

Instituto de Español Indoamerica (Quito)

Our Institute is a private and officially recognized institution for higher education for all ages and all levels. We offer you a well-balanced blend of programs, facilities, faculty and activities. One to one lessons with qualified and experienced teachers. Low tuition rates. Host family program.

Contact: Hector Inca Director c/Instituto de Españo Indoamerica Leonidas Plaza N24-287
Baquerizo Moreno Quito 17012446 Ecuador
TEL: (593 2) 226541 FAX: (593 2) 223654



SierrAzul - Cloud Forest Academic Adventure (Quito)

Word is just starting to get out about the SierrAzul - Academic program at a lodge and reserve tucked on the eastern doorstep of Antisana reserve, protecting one of the most unspoiled and beautiful tracts of cloud forest in the country. Students will be participating in the highly regarded Spanish program and also helping to preserve this beautiful natural area by providing the biological information on which eco-tourism thrives.

Contact: Director, Academia Latinoamericana Jose Queri # 2 y Granados Quito
Pichincha 17-17-593 Ecuador Tel: (593 2) 452 824 FAX: (593 2) 433 820