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Summer Programs in Dominican Republic








The Dominican Republic is a Spanish-speaking country on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.  It is home to some of the world's most enchanting beaches and resorts, and is well renowned for it's friendly and passionate people.  It has a rich colonial history, as it was the first permanent settlement in the Americas by the Spanish.  The influence of Spain, Africa and local indigenous cultures has contributed to create a dynamic cultural melting pot. For most of its independent history, the nation has experienced political turmoil and unrest, suffering through many non-representative and tyrannical governments.  Recently, it has also struggled with natural disasters, as the DR was damaged by hurricanes in that region. Despite their struggles, this island maintains a vibrant culture encompassed by its traditional dances, latin music, folklore and love of baseball. 

During the program you will volunteer with local children and people of a small farming village two hours away from the capital.  GLA works within local clinics and schools to assist grassroots organizations initiating change in their local community. You will become part of the fabric of this rural, impoverished community and discover the spirit and strength that Dominicans exhibit.  At the end of the week, you'll experience the stark contrast of this country at an all-inclusive beach resort that showcases the luxury that the DR is known for.



Where we go
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  • Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Santa Ana, Costa Rica
  • Monteverde, Costa Rica
  • Tema, Ghana
  • Pune, India
  • Dharamsala, India
  • Tecpan, Guatemala
  • Moshi, Tanzania
  • Simanjiro, Tanzania
  • Hoi An, Vientmam


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