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Center for Study Abroad (CSA)

325 Washington Ave. S. #93
Kent, WA 98032 USA
Tel# 206-5838191 USA


Brazilian Portuguese Language Center

[bra'ziw]- Brazilian Portuguese Language Center has a methodology especially prepared to serve you, according to your knowledge needs, at any time, during the whole year. Our schedules allow studies to begin during the whole year from 4 to 50 weeks and from 10 to 40 classes weekly, according to your profile and to the intensity you expect from the course. All teachers have a university degree and are graduated on several specialties in Brazilian Portuguese. We have the finest resources to you obtain the best studying performance. We are located in Bauru, Southeast of the São Paulo State

Contact: Antonio Toledo Neto, Director [bra'ziw]! Brazilian Portuguese Language Center Rua Virgilio Malta, 16-49 Bauru SP 17014-440 Brazil
TEL: 55 14 2274860 FAX: 55 14 2242771

Fast Forward Language Institute
Fast Forward Language Institute is the premier language learning center in Brazil with a focus on efficiency and quick results. Located in Maceio, a tropical, calm and safe
city in Northeastern Brazil, Fast Forward offers long and short term courses in Portuguese for students and business executives. The only program in Brazil to be registered
with IALC, The International Association of Language Centers, Fast Forward is member of the American Chamber of Commerce and has 9 years of experience in providing the highest level
of language development in the shortest time possible.

Contact: Ernesto C/Fast Forward Language Institute
Rua Dep. José Lages, 499 Ponta Verde Maceió AL 57 035 - 330 Brazil
Tel: + 55 82 327 5213 FAX: + 55 82 327 8767


Our aim is to provide our clients with secure mastery of the language, both in its written and oral forms, by means of intelligent, communicative and varied classes. To help you feel at home in the language, we teach in small groups or individually. Our emphasis is in oral communication, without forgetting the grammar. Your knowledge is systematically widened, from the basic to the most complex levels of communication. If desired, from the Intermediate Level on we train you in your specific professional area. By means of evaluation tests we show you the autonomy grade you’ve already acquired in Portuguese. You acquire security by practicing the language with pleasure. This is the most important condition for your success.

Contact: Tel:(+55 21) 507-2726 or 507-3694

Learn Portuguese in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

Located in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Campo Grande, Linguatec offers intensive Portuguese language training for executives, visitors and international students. Our highly educated and experienced instructors use Linguatec's easy conversational approach to language instruction, complemented by our DVD/laserdiscs that offer a dynamic and highly effective learning support system.

Contact: Lígia Pessoa Director c/ Linguatec Language Center Rua da Ajuda, 35
Sobreloja 201 Rio de Janeiro RJ 20040-000 Brazil TEL: 55 21 220 8659 FAX: 55 21 262 9247