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Summer Programs In Austria





-Low cost academic programs worldwide
-Direct Admissions-Quick Docs-Open to All

Center for Study Abroad (CSA)

325 Washington Ave. S. #93
Kent, WA 98032 USA
Tel# 206-5838191 USA






Actilingua Academy- Learn German Experience Vienna

Austria's leading private language school specializing in the instruction of German. Modern school, located in the heart of Vienna, open year-round, courses starting every Monday. Special Programs are: "Youth Summer Camp", "German for Life", "German & Music" at the Conservatorium, "Business German", "German and Winter sports" and "German and Work Experience". Attractive cultural and leisure activities. Academic Credits available.

Contact: ActiLingua Academy, Wattmanngasse 15, A-1130 Vienna/Austria;
TEL: +43 1 877 67 01 FAX: +43 1 877 67 03
Contact: E-Mail: info@actilingua.com Contact





Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria -Learn German in Vienna!(Vienna)

Intensive German Courses. Following the system of the Goethe-Institute courses are of highest quality and prepare for internationally recognized certificates. Location in the heart of Vienna. Latest instruction methods and materials, computer lab, mediotheque. Year round and summer programs. Courses start monthly. Cultural Programs, Accommodation

Contact:Constanze Moritz c/ Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria, Schwarzenbergplatz 16/Canovagasse 5 Vienna 1010 Austria
TEL: +43-1-503 69 69 FAX: +43-1-503 69 69-14
Contact E-mail:info@alpha.at Contact WWW http://www.alpha.at



Eurolingua Institute

Language immersion programs worldwide including Vienna.

Contact: www.eurolingua.com

Vienna German Course

URL: http://www.deutschakademie.com/learn-german-courses/index.htm
Contact: DeutschAkademie
Max. 5-9 Teilnehmer
Intensivkurs 205
Hoch-qualifizierte Lehrer
Opernring 1/E/3
1010 Wien|
Tel.: +43 1 585 7131
Fax.: +43 1 585 5713
Mail: info@deutschakademie.com
Web: www.deutschakademie.com